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Girls Athletic Leadership School Las Vegas (GALS LV) is an all-girls middle school serving grades 6th and 7th in the 2020-2021 school year and 8th grade in the 2021-2022 school year.  We provide a safe environment for adolescent girls to receive a college preparatory education that is tailored to their needs. At GALS we empower girls to succeed academically, lead confidently, live boldly and thrive physically.

Back to School and COVID-19 Readiness

Back to school starts August 17, 2020 and the staff at GALS LV are looking forward to helping our students get back on track and thriving once again.   We are opening in a time of immense uncertainty and constant change.  The latest changes come in the form of directives from the Governor’s Office and the State Charter Authority for safe back to school planning.

These new directives result in a change to the GALS original opening plan for school operations under COVID restrictions.   The changes were developed with a commitment to provide a supportive and rigorous education for our students through teacher led instruction and classroom engagement.

GALS, in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, will provide two options for school during COVID restrictions:

  • Option 1: 100% Online: Students complete their schoolwork from home.  The school day is from 7:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and they will participate in six on-line classes, 5 days a week with their classmates.  Frequent breaks and opportunities for movement will be given during the day.
  • Option 2: Boys and Girls Club In-person (available beginning August 24): Students complete their schoolwork at the Boys and Girls Club from 7:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. They attend classes with their on-line classmates under the supervision of the Boys and Girls Club and GALS staff.  Boys and Girls Club staff will lead movement activities during break periods. Families selecting this option will be enrolled in the Boys and Girls Club at no charge during the COVID period.  This option is available on a first come first serve basis until capacity is reached.

Families may move back and forth between these options with notification to the school.   If in-person capacity is reached, students will be placed on a wait list and families notified when a seat becomes available.

The Boys and Girls Club will continue to provide after school care until 6 p.m.  Students have opportunities to participate in art, robotics, fun games and exercise after school.  Currently, due to COVID risks, the Club is only operating with GALS students.

For those families selecting Option 2: Boys and Girls Club In-person, the week of August 17-21 will be used to ramp up Boys and Girls Club services and staffing, students may attend online or their original ½ day time schedule (AM or PM).   A specific schedule for this week only will be emailed to families and students with instructions. 

Anyone entering into the Club are required to wear masks and practice social distancing (3 feet between students and 6 feet between adults).  Hourly and daily deep cleaning occur at the Club.

Thank you for adapting with us to these changing times and know that the safety and development of your children remain our absolute top priorities.


Why choose GALS LV?

  • The all-girl environment provides a safe space for girls to express themselves, find their voice and reach their fullest academic potential. GALS students typically outperform academically their peers by one grade level.
  • GALS takes a holistic and personal approach to developing your child’s education plan to ensure that each student is supported and challenged to grow.
  • GALS students have opportunities to lead, collaborate and be a part of something greater than themselves, they and their families are part of a community and social movement to improve the lives of girls.
  • GALS graduates are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science and technology and three times more likely to consider engineering compared to girls who attend coed schools (from

GALS Las Vegas is an open enrollment charter school and ALWAYS accepts applications. 

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