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Reading CLASS (6th grade) OVERVIEW

Reading instruction incorporates four main components: (1) Shared Reading, (2) Guided Reading, (3) Letter and Word Study and (4) Independent Reading. Within this framework, teachers are able to incorporate different strategies and approaches daily in order to meet the diverse needs of students. Students will receive direct instruction, work with partners and small groups, and engage in independent work, all of which provide for multi-level learning. Teachers will explicitly teach reading comprehension skills and strategies, and then provide authentic opportunities for students to practice.

As students progress, reading instruction will focus on reading to learn rather than learning to read, though GALS recognizes that many students will struggle with the demands of grade level text. Differentiated instruction will be provided through rotating small group instruction in which students will apply learned skills to text at their independent reading level and will receive systematic decoding and fluency instruction if appropriate. Teachers, intervention specialists, and the Head of School all work together to move struggling students towards grade-level reading proficiency.

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