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Science Classes Overview

Science units are planned by teachers using the Nevada Academic Standards and the Common Core Science Literacy Standards. Science content per grade level is determined by Nevada Department of Education. GALS Las Vegas partners with the Smithsonian Institute and teachers are trained to use their Laser curriculum. Science classes are rich in hands on labs, dissections, and literacy-based activities. GALS Las Vegas will soon be the recipients of a Campos SmartLab, bringing new STEM technologies to our students.

In 6th grade, students will begin to lay the foundation for a deep understanding of Physical, Life, Earth, and Space Sciences as well as the Engineering Design process. Students will investigate the properties and states of matter, evaluate and create solutions for energy transfer, and even look at the effects that humans, plants, and other animals have on the Earth. They will explore the systems and interactions that occur throughout something as big as our planet, down to those occurring within our own bodies and cells. Students will get to practice the scientific process, data collection and interpretation, and supporting ideas with evidence throughout the year and gain a greater sense of confidence around their own scientific literacy. Through a combination of instruction, inquiry and research, group collaboration, projects, and assessments (formal and informal), students will be well-equipped to move another year forward in their journey as developing scientists!

In 7th Grade, students spend the year learning to think and form questions like scientists by using the scientific method and writing hypotheses. Our units are: Scientific Inquiry, Genetics, Cells, Human Body Systems, Evolution, and Earth Structures and Processes.

In 8th Grade, students spend the year learning to think like scientists by using the scientific method and writing about science. Our units are: Waves and Energy, Forces and Motion, Space, Weather and Climate.

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