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Work at GALS Las Vegas

GALS Las Vegas seeks to hire ESSA highly-qualified teachers and school support staff committed to the overall health, wellness, and success of girls. Seeking teachers skilled at integrating movement and hands-on learning into a standards-based academic environment with an emphasis on the social, emotional and physical student development.

GALS teachers will be responsible for:

  • Delivering detailed unit plans and daily lessons.
  • Delivering engaging, inquiry-based instruction infused with movement and fieldwork.
  • Assessing students learning via a variety of tools and presentations of learning.
  • Serving as academic, character, and wellness advisers.

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GALS seek candidates who demonstrate:

Mission Alignment

Belief in the GALS mission of providing a college preparatory education in a supportive environment that fosters the academic mastery and personal development necessary for every young woman or man to become a powerful advocate for herself/himself and leader of her/his community. Experience utilizing culturally congruent strategies in gender-specific and movement-based environments is a plus.

Pedagogical Alignment

Belief that long-term, in-depth studies that focus on specific case studies or essential questions help students construct deep understandings and skills and prepare them to create authentic products that meet a need for real audiences. Ability to differentiate, utilize data to drive instruction, and employ strong instructional skills. Experience developing hands-on or movement based lessons and/or teaching in a standards-based school a plus.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ability to thrive in the ambiguity and intensity of a school that is continuing to grow and develop.

Team Orientation

Ability to work collaboratively in a professional learning community by jointly planning and delivering instruction, participating fully in professional development, and engaging in an on-going exchange of ideas.

Drive for Excellence

Hard-working, self-starter who takes initiative and is committed to learning and self-improvement.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, at a minimum.
  • Must possess or be able to acquire a Nevada teaching license issued by the Nevada Department of Education. Please visit the Nevada Department of Education website at: for detailed license requirements.
  • Previous teaching experience preferred
  • Strong classroom management and organizational skills.
  • Urban school experience and experience with diverse communities preferred.

Program Overview


As opposed to relegating movement to physical education class or after-school sports, GALS teachers incorporate movement into day-to-day instruction and classroom activity as a way of engaging students both mentally and physically.


We offer a full curriculum focused on the psycho-social dynamics of growing up female or male in today’s world. The full staff participates in and supports this curriculum.

Tight-Knit Community

Through advisories, community meetings, shared core values, and opportunities for students and teachers to connect both in and outside the classroom, GALS emphasize the development of a close learning community.

Professional Development

Professional development is a priority at GALS. Staff members meet weekly as a school staff and weekly as a content team to continue the work. Grade level teams meet monthly to support curriculum integration and student achievement.

Available Positions

Interested in working at GALS Las Vegas? Send resume and cover letter to [email protected].


We are currently hiring for:

  • Paraprofessional